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Triabetes is a certified triathlon team that works with diabetics in understanding the psychology, physiology and biotechnology such that they can compete in triathlons.  In 2009, fourteen Triabetes team captains mentored type 1 children in preparation for an adventure expedition that culminated at Ironman Arizona. Watch the Triabuddies as they overcome diabetes in the Channel Islands and inspire their athlete mentors to an Ironman finish

One of the captains is Bill Carlson. Bill Carlson is a close friend of mine and has been diabetic since the age of 13. He also is the first insulin dependent diabetic to complete the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, has run a sub 2:40 marathon, completed the Western States 100 mile run and many other endurance events. Most interestingly, he has been a patient of mine for over 20 years, is a successful Lasik patient and has never had any signs of diabetic retinopathy. Does controlling his diabetes through exercise play a role in his ocular health, his overall health?

On Saturday January 23 at 3:15 pm at the Carlsbad Village Theaters the Science of Inspiration documentary of the Triabetes Team members makes its San Diego debut. I am certain it will be moving and educational.  To learn more about Triabetes you can go to See you there.


If you are around my age you have hauled around a few crates of albums every time you move.  You do not know exactly why you move them, but you do.  They are from a period in your life that is impactful; the music from that era will always be your favorite, of which Chris Rock has an interesting theory.  Our kids will not move albums and they probably will not move books.

We purchased a Kindle for our daughter (the reader) and it is a remarkable device.  It is easy to read, easy to purchase books with and it is great to take on a plane.  This is how her generation will read, just like they have all their music on an iPod, their books will all be on a Kindle.  As much as I said, “but I like to hold a book”, this is much easier, much more comfortable than a book. Weird!

For my patient’s, who have trouble reading in low light, small print ect., the Kindle is great because you can change the font size very easily.  Most patients are able to find a font that is easy for them to read in any light. Also, those patients do not need to “go online” to order their books.  While some older patients love the computer some do not. Being able to order books from the Kindle is a big benefit for these patients. Without having all those books to lug around I wonder how many backs will be saved!

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