Surfing is an essential part of our community. While you do not need great vision to surf, you need some vision to see waves and other surfers. I am always excited to hear from patients who surf for the first time in their contact lenses and how it is a much more rewarding experience. I often get asked about which contact lenses are best for surfing. Yes, there are contact lenses that act like sunglasses and are tinted to decrease the amount of light reaching the eye as well as absorbing ultra violet light, they have met with limited success. The marine layer rolls, in rolls out, many people surf either early or late in the day when the light is poor, you get the picture.
The lens that is the best for surfers is a daily disposable lens. This is a lens that you take out at night and throw away. While today’s disinfecting systems are very good, they do not always have the desired effect on contaminants that are in the ocean. Therefore, a daily disposable lens does not have time to get an accumulation of irritants within the lens, reducing irritation of the eyes and most importantly reducing the risk of infection. Additionally, the unit cost of a disposable lens is far less than that of a monthly replacement lens. So, if you unfortunately lose a lens when surfing the cost of the lost lens is much less. On average the yearly cost of daily disposable lenses is very similar to monthly replacement lenses because you do not need to buy solutions. Finally, if you are someone who prefers glasses but also would like to see when you are surfing these lenses are a nice solution. You do need to worry about expensive lenses drying out in a case because you have not worn them in a few weeks. Simple put in a new pair each time you surf or play other sports that do not do well with glasses. To learn more about daily disposable lenses you can go to