Using a strobe has long been an effective method of enhancing the visual performance of ball sport athletes. The strobe disrupts the flow of information from the eyes to the brain, forcing the eyes to track, the ball better. It also allows for “imprinting” of impact in the athletes brain. Good athletes have their eyes on the ball and the bat/racket/club at impact, but it happens so fast it is often not reinforced neurologically.
The challenge has always been finding and environment when a strobe light can be used for meaningful training. The typical batting cage is in a warehouse where the lights are either on or off. Either situation is not practical for using a strobe. Nike, working with top vision researchers, has developed Sparq™ Goggles (, which the athlete can wear during various drills to enhance their performance.
We are currently working with several hitting instructors and baseball coaches with these goggles and the athletes report better visualization of the ball, with the ball appearing to move slow and seem bigger. As with any training, there is nothing that replaces hard work, but these goggles seem to be a great tool in enhancing athletic performance. Contact our office for more information. 760-436-1877