In 1974 Jon Landau wrote in Rolling Stone, “I have seen the future of rock and roll and it is Bruce Springsteen”.

Well I have seen the future of cataract surgery and it is LenSx!

I was fortunate enough to travel with Dr. Cook and three patients to Laguna Hills for Glenn to perform his initial LenSx cases. The LenSx is a femtosecond laser (same laser technology as Intralase) that performs 3 of the 5 steps of cataract surgery. With the assistance of an OCT image and a computer, the laser fragments the lens, precisely places the corneal incisions, and perfectly centers a capsularhexis. You can also add limbal relaxing incisions to correct up to 2 diopters of astigmatism.

In all three patients, those three steps took less than 2 minutes, from set up to suction off. The patients did not complain of any discomfort and all were excited about having a good part of the surgery done by a laser.

Hydrodisection was very easy and straightforward in all three patients despite a relatively dense cataract. Dr. Cook commented on the uniformity of the pieces of lens material removed and the ease of precisely removing the crystalline lens.